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Here is How to Fix The Following Copier Machine Problems in a Dental Office

The figures estimate at least 200,000 dental offices across the US with over 98% of these offices having a copier machine. Sadly, half the people who work on these dental offices have very little knowledge, if any, on the use copying machines. This clearly explains the many disappointments and annoyances that come with using these machines. There is nothing as difficult as trying to print out documents and ensure they come out perfectly when having problems with the photocopying machine. Keep reading here for more information on how you can identify and fix the common problems likely to affect your copying machine.

Paper jam tends to be a very common copying machine problem especially if you do a lot of copying very often. The good news on this post is the fact that paper jam is never really a major issue, often caused by the use of too much paper on the tray. It could also be caused by using the wrong paper size in terms of thickness. Sorting a paper jam problem is as easy as pulling out the stuck papers with some bit of force. Note that you may need to restart the machine for it to get back to normalcy.

The other most notable problem with copying machines is what is referred to as overheating. Take care though you’re your copying machine overheats lest it burst out into flames. Basically, your machine will overheat when you use it continuously for many hours without giving it a break. The solution to this problem is pretty simple, just learn from this post the tolerance level of your copying machine and then ensure you stick to that by giving it enough breaks in between.

This post can never be complete without the mention of crinkled paper, yet another common issue that compromises on the quality of print outs you come out with. This is simply unsettling and unprofessional, to say the least on this post. It could be an indication the rollers are damaged, worn out or missing hence might need a replacement. It goes without mentioning having a copying machine in any dental office is a huge investment, to say the least. It is thus important to identify the common issues highlighted on this post and then work on prolonging its life. This is where you get to schedule regular maintenance to keep it running well for as long as it is practically possible.